This an Example of what Shipping charges may apply.
We have used the United Kingdom as our Example destination with the
Bake Wilco Switchas your purchase item

Air Mail: (Approx) 6 to 10 days from dispatch date on invoice.
If you were to purchase: 20 @ Bake Wilco Switches.
Postage            $34.50
Insurance          $ 9.50
Handling Costs  $  8.00
Total                 $52.00

Express Air: (Approx) 3 to 6 days from dispatch date on invoice.
If you were to purchase: 20 to 38 @ Bake Wilco Switches.
Postage            $69.50
Insurance         $9.50 to $13.50
Handling Costs  $  8.00
Total                 $82.50 to $91.00
The larger the quantity purchased the more economical the Postage Costs become. We use TNT Global when your purchase becomes more than 4kg in weight as per example below otherwise we use our discretion as to which is the most economical service to use. ( Unless otherwise advised.)

TNT Global: (Approx) 3 to 6 days from dispatch date on invoice.
If you were to purchase: 80 to 100 @ Bake Wilco Switches.
Postage            $90.00 to $100.00
Insurance          $25.00
Handling Costs  $ Included
Total                 $115.00 to $125.00

Minimum Shipping including Handling : $17.50
$8.00 Handling Costs is standard for any quantity purchased.
( Costs are mainly due to Export Documentation )
All deliver times are approximate and are at times subject to delays by customs.
Tax Exempt:
Even though you do not pay the 10%Australian Goods and Service Tax in some cases you may be subject to Duties and Taxes that are applied in your country.

Example:( Damaged or lost goods in transit )
Insurance varies in relation to the Total Dollar amount of goods purchased.This also gives us proof of delivery.

If you DO NOT wish to have insurance we will NOT be responsible for the goods once they have been dispatched. ( However we will do all in our power to track goods that have not been delivered )
Insurance Rates: $5.00 + $2.00 per $100.00 value of goods up to a maximum $1000.00 for the UK .Express Post $5000.00. Other destinations the maximum value allowed to be insured maybe higher.

NOTE: Re Insurance Claims
Under the Universal Postal Agreement the receiving postal authority is permitted two months to complete their investigations before claims will be processed and refunded.
Investigation date starts from the date the claim as been submitted.

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