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About Pales In Style
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Our Restoration Hardware site has an excellent range of traditional restoration and architectural hardware and cabinetry fittings sourced from within Australia and The Rest Of The World.

Whether you're restoring, renovating, cabinet making or maintaining an old house, heritage building or traditional architecture, here you will find a range of necessary heritage restoration fixtures and fittings. By browsing through our Restoration Hardware catalogue you will find the following range of restoration and cabinet hardware.

  • Barrel Bolts
  • Window Fittings
  • Casement Stays
  • Spur Catches
  • Quadrant Stays
  • Sash Lifts
  • Casement Fasteners
  • Hopper Fasteners
  • Sash Pulleys
  • Sash Drops
  • Cupboard Pulls
  • Iron Pull Handles
  • Fleur-De-Lis Handles
  • Offset Handles
  • Deco Cupboard Pulls
  • Stainless Steel Pull Handles
  • Cylinder Hole Door Pulls
  • Deco Pull Handles
  • "Amsterdam" Pull Handles
  • Brass Pull Handles
  • Iron Pull Handles
  • Ship Bells
  • Turn Bells
  • Bell Presses
  • Turn Bells - Fancy
  • Sliding Door Pull Handles
  • Flush Ring Pull Handles
  • Flush Pull Handles
  • Solid Brass Screws
  • Concealed Fix Door Stops
  • Magnetic Door Stops
  • Floor Mount Door Stops
  • Oval Door Stops
  • Foot Operated Door Stops
  • Luggage Racks
  • Toothbrush Holders
  • Towel Racks
  • Towel Roll Holder
  • Toilet Roll Holders
  • Oval Backing Cabin Hooks
  • Square Backing Cabin Hooks
  • Curtain Fittings
  • Curtain Brackets
  • Finials
  • Curtain Sweeps
  • Tie Back Hooks
  • Cleat Hooks
  • Cord Weights
  • Fixed Pin Hinges
  • Loose Pin Hinges
  • Broad Butt Hinges
  • Parliament Hinges
  • Cast Iron Hinges
  • Cabinet Hinges
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